Publication – “2021 anticipated to be record-breaking year for private equity market.” (English)

“2021 is not yet over, but it has already been an important year for the French private equity market, having brought changes that will have a long-lasting impact.”

The International Private Equity Market conference (IPEM) took place in Paris on 8 and 9 September 2021 and marked the first large-scale meeting for the French private equity market since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. All players in attendance confirmed that French private equity is currently booming. In fact, 2021 is anticipated to be a record-breaking year for the industry, following a thriving summer and 170 leverage buyout deals recorded between January and mid-July in France. A number of factors have driven this surge, in particular the abundance of investors, as well as money and optimistic growth forecasts. The legal side of the market is also moving fast, not only due to recent reforms and case law that have impacted the structuring of transactions but also because transactions are increasingly being made electronically.”

Find out the Lexology (International Law Office) publication by Alain Levy, Gwenaëlle de Kerviler and Valérie Attia :