Deal – AYACHE alongside TDF on the investment of Banque des Territoires (Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations) in TDF Fibre.

🔎 Who’s TDF?

For more than four decades, TDF, one of the leaders in communication and broadcasting infrastructures, has been supporting media and telecom groups in their strategic connectivity challenges in France and the French overseas territories thanks to its 19,000 sites, including telecoms, television, radio, and of course fiber internet through its dedicated branch: TDF Fibre

🧩 What was our role?

We advised TDF on the structuring and transactional aspects of the investment in TDF Fibre capital by Banque des Territoires, in the context of the obtaining by TDF Fibre of a major senior banking facility.

👥 Which teams have worked in this transaction?

David Ayache (Partner), Benoît Zagdoun (Counsel) and Ava Bensimon (Associate) handled the corporate side of the operation.