Deal – AYACHE alongside CAPZA on its acquisition of a majority stake in Wifirst!

🔎 Who’s Wifirst?

Founded in 2002 by Marc Taieb, Wifirst is a French #B2B telecom operator specializing in providing WiFi managed services for professionals.

🧩 What was our role?

We assisted CAPZA on its acquisition of Wifirst, which aims to strengthen its leadership position in France by accelerating its development in new segments.

👥 Which teams have worked on this transaction?

➡️ The Corporate Finance team with Olivier Tordjman, Gwenaëlle de Kerviler (Partners), Pauline Abadia, Mikaël Brainenberg and Marie Forray (Associates),

➡️ Linda Bessa (Partner) dealt with the financing aspects,

➡️ and the Tax team represented by Bruno Erard (Partner) and Laurent Bibaut (Counsel)

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